ZRA boss Kingsley Chanda fired

ZRA boss Kingsley Chanda fired

Good Evening ZRA family

As you may be aware my contract has been terminated.

Let me take this early opportunity to thank you for the teamwork and the results we collectively achieved in the last 5 years of my contract. There is no doubt ZRA has been transformed and it’s contribution to the nation is evident.

Please note that the position of CG is a Presidential appointment and the decision by the new President is perfectly in order. I will personally thank him for the opportunity to work with him for a few days in my new contract.

My appeal to you is that please continue working with the same determination and commitment. Our country desperately needs revenues and ZRA is critical to the success of government. Please support the new Commissioner General and the new government.

I leave a very proud team-member and I pray you will not lower the bar despite my timely departure.

Lastly allow me to thank all the tax payers for the support during my tenure of office.

Kingsley Chanda

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