ZRA employees go on strike over payrise

Unionised employees at Zambia Revenue Authority (ZRA) have gone on strike demanding the promised ‘more money in their pockets’.

The employees downed tools this (Monday) morning and customers trying to pay  taxes are being turned away as there is no one to attend to them.

Management at the country’s only tax collection authority is only offering  workers a 12 per cent increment for basic salary and a 12 per cent housing allowances.

But the employees are demanding  for a 20 per cent increment on housing allowance and 20 per cent for basic pay.

A check at ZRA offices found the workers have left their offices and are just loitering around the premises while some have opted to go home and have vowed never to resume if their demands are not met.

There has been a sharp increase on the prices of most commodities in the country following the increase in fuel prices by the PF government that had promised to reduce the prices prior to elections.

The increase in commodities will also continue to raise as the PF are determined to increase Zesco electricity tariffs anytime, as the government coffers are drying up due to a number of by-elections and maintaining a huge number of ministers.

Civil servants who were recently awarded an increment effective September 2013 also feel cheated because the increment will mean nothing since commodities have gone up even before they receive their new salaries and conditions of service.


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