ZRA failures exposed in 2019 budget

ZRA failures exposed in 2019 budget

Lies have Short Legs as the Incompetence of Kingsley Chanda is Exposed

We have always told you that Kingsley Chanda is an incompetent taxman. On 11 January 2018 he told the country that under his stewardship the performance of Zambia had improved. ZANIS specifically reported that, “Mr. Chanda attributed ZRA’s imposing performance to increased collections from domestic Value Added Tax (VAT) emanating from strong implementation of the withholding VAT mechanism” and that, “he said net domestic VAT collections grew from K96.52 million in 2016 to K5.630 billion in 2017 translating into a growth of 5,734 percent.
So why abolish a tax that in one year grows by 5,734 percent. Now the truth is out he tricked the country by withholding the VAT refunds due to taxpayers. What Zambians don’t know is that sales tax will increase the cost of business as it allows charging of tax on tax, charging on your income and simply put it is a regressive tax.
This man Kingsley Chanda is duping those in leadership starting with Edgar Lungu and to dupe these politicians he instigated the disbanding of the tax policy unit at the Ministry of Finance replacing it with people from the Ministry of Commerce, Trade and Industry to rubber stamp his ideas. Basically, these ideas were given to people with no background in tax to champion. By the time these politicians wake up there will be no economy.

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    …and this idea of being charged at the banks because ZRA can’t collect tax directly from tax payers is nonsense. Imagine paying actual tax then add more to that so that some idle banker can play with the computer. Not forgetting one needs to buy bundles to process online tax transactions.