‘ZRA is using my daughter as a donkey’

Dear editor, allow me space in your most valuable and attentive media fora.
It is indeed very difficult to get a job in zambia especially now with the failing
PF government. there however is hope when one finds an opportunity to work as an Intern in a company or organisation but it seems not so with the Zambia
Revenue authority.
 It is sad that a government organ would subject youths to such harshness.
My niece is been engaged as an Intern since about mid last year(2011) and up to now she still is working as a DONKEY.
 I say donkey because she is only engaged or called to work(as an Intern) when there is a huge backlog of work and later
released after just three(3) months.
This recalling has happened for 3 or 4 times which clearly indicates that the work assigned to those departments is too much as
compared to the number of employees(full time).
The Law states that Interns or attachee’s should be engaged for a maximum of six(6) months and thereafter taken on as permanent employees i believe. but that
has not been the case at ZRA.
Perhaps they try to shun this by giving them three  months periods instead of six months.
May a solution to this be found before private employers or other employers find the loophole to exploit youths as ZRA and may be, many other gvt depts are doing.
      Concerned Parent.

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