Court asked to jail Sata with his bodyguard for abduction

A former PF member assaulted by seven PF cadres in 2009 has asked the Lusaka Magistrates Court to bring PF leader Michael Sata and three others to court for their involvement in his abduction and beating.

Samson Zulu says while four PF cadres have been prosecuted and convicted for his assault; Mr Sata, Roy Kasama and Clement Chinga have been gone with impunity.

Mr Zulu in his complaint addressed to the Chief Resident Magistrate says he wants the three remaining suspects to be arrested and brought to court for justice to be done.

He says in his complaint that he is ready to comply with the provisions of the criminal procedure code and put his complaint on oath if required by the court.

Mr Zulu claims he was abducted by seven PF cadres on June 5th 2009 who paraded him before Mr Sata on the orders of the PF leader.

He says he has communicated the whereabouts of the three suspects to police but is surprised that no arrests have been made so far.

Meanwhile Patriotic Front-PF cadre Judge Ngoma has been denied bail by the Lusaka High Court and has been sent to the jail.

High Court judge Emelia Sunkutu dismissed Ngoma’s application on grounds that it lacked merit.

Mrs Sunkutu ruled that neither did Ngoma advance any compelling grounds nor exceptional circumstance to render his bail application successful.

She also noted that although Ngoma was earlier granted bail by Lusaka High Court Judge Hamaundu, such a verdict is not binding on her but merely persuasive.

On Monday Judge Sunkutu upheld Ngoma’s incarceration for assault occasioning bodily harm.

Judge Sunkutu quashed all the three grounds of appeal that Mr Ngoma advanced.

She noted that the Subordinate Court was on firm ground to convict Ngoma because the offence he has been convicted of, by law requires a custodial sentence.

Judge Sunkutu observes that Ngoma acted in a barbaric manner to assault the former party members Sam Zulu and Mubanga Chileshe.

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