Zuma came to Zambia to introduce the Guptas to Lungu – Chishimba

Zuma came to Zambia to introduce the Guptas to Lungu – Chishimba

Saviour Chishimba has disclosed that South African president Jacob Zuma only came to Zambia last week to introduce the Gupta family to Edgar Lungu.

The Guptas are a notorious South African family with business links to President Jacob Zuma. The family is accused of massive corruption and controlling Zuma through corruption, in what is called State capture.

Chishimba disclosed that this family, which is being ‘squeezed’ out of South Africa,  is coming  to Zambia where Lungu is enabling corruption.

And Chishimba says President Lungu is not a fighter of corruption but the enabler, chief facilitator and defender of the corrupt.

Commenting on Vice-President Inonge Wina’s remark in Parliament on Friday that President Lungu was the biggest fighter of corruption in the country, Chishimba, the United Progressive People party leader, said never a single day had the Head of State ever fought corruption.

“How can a President say because of the fear for corruption, permanent secretaries are not working? He is taking Zambia kwati chalo chakwa wishi (like his father’s property). That’s why we insist, we repeat chino chalo te chalo cakwa wishi, chino chalo techakwa nyina (this country does not belong to his father, it does not belong to his mother). This country belongs to all the people of Zambia. And he should not transform this country kwati chalo cakwa wishi; te chalo chakwa wishi chino, te chalo cakwa nyina,” said Chishimba, who was recently arrested and detained for a week for allegedly defaming President Lungu over similar remarks in a video that went viral. He was, however, released after police dropped all the allegations against him.

He said the level of plunder by those in authority was too much.

“So this man is not a fighter of corruption, he is the enabler of corruption, he is chief facilitator of corruption, he is the defender of the corrupt and mafias like now the Guptas who are coming to Zambia and I challenge them to refute this information. The Guptas are coming to Zambia through President Edgar Lungu, who is the conduit of corruption in Zambia,” Chishimba said, claiming that he had received information, through his #bringbackourmoney anti-corruption crusade credible information that South African President Jacob Zuma’s visit last week, among other issues, was to facilitate the coming to the country of the Guptas, who are blamed for State Capture in that country.

“President Zuma came to introduce the Guptas to President Lungu. The Guptas so far, they are taking over Showgrounds, and Showgrounds is going to be moved to Chisamba. The Guptas have been squeezed from all angles because of the vibrant opposition in South Africa. The Guptas are now coming to Zambia. That [Zuma visit] was just like a smokescreen. President Lungu is now importing corruption into Zambia; the Zuma led corruption in South Africa. We have obtained credible information, not hearsay, the Guptas are coming to Zambia to now further consolidate State capture in Zambia.”

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