Zuma should stand with Zambians at this dark hour – Nevers Mumba


Zambians warmly welcome the South African President Mr Jacob Zuma to our Country, and hope his visit will further improve the existing fraternal relationships between the ANC and the people of Zambia, that date back to the dark days of apartheid.

We applaud President Zuma for his unflinching commitment to democratic governance in his great Country, and also his adherence to civil liberties that include freedoms of expression, assembly and association.

We are keen followers of South African parliamentary politics, and appreciate its vibrancy and candour, which has in certain instances not necessarily favoured the President, but we have been moved with nothing but great admiration that he has still remained, firm, resolute and accommodating to those with opposing views to his, despite several lawmakers’ sometimes racous dissensions and walkouts on his State of the Union addresses.

As a matter of fact, we are reminded of his sideline press briefing in Durban a few months ago, where he stated that South Africa under his watch would allow freedoms of expression for all its citizens, and would not fall into a trap of dictatorship being experienced in other Countries where freedoms were endangered. “You are free to visit and experience a Country where an angry leader sets his Police to beat up citizens and lock them up”.

It’s in view of the foregoing that we firmly believe that Mr Zuma is well positioned to put pressure on his beleaguered Zambian counterpart, President Edgar Lungu and remind him that elected officials need to be held accountable for their actions or inactions.

Mr Lungu has crossed the red line in the history of Zambia’s political discourse, by abrogating all democratic tenets with impunity. His dictatorial tendencies is well on course to erase last traces of democratic governance as we know it in Zambia.

His sustained efforts of flouting democratic norms is well displayed in persecution by prosecution of political opponents, trumped up criminal charges of those with dissenting views, long jail terms mostly without trial for those that refuse to do his bidding, and unleashing of Police and his militias to brutalise and torture anyone who dares to think differently from him.

President Lungu has not ended there but has gone further by ensuring that most of the free press has been closed, while the remainder is under constant threat of closure and it’s staff have been intimidated and sometimes arrested.

Mr Zuma will appreciate that ordinary poor Zambians whole heartedly endorsed and allowed President Kenneth David Kaunda’s great and sustained efforts to fight successive apartheid regimes in South Africa. Kenneth Kaunda and his citizens refused to adhere to politically correct positions and views under the so called ‘quite diplomacy’ and ‘constructive engagement’, as he vehemently refused to be mute despite the incursions and bombings of infrastucture and loss of thousands of Zambian lives, at the hands of South African racist forces.

Zambians are in dire need of a voice at this dark hour, as the Nation is under siege by a threat of dictatorship and the breakdown of the rule of law, and the demise of constitutionalism. It would not be asking too much if Zambians requested South Africa to reciprocate, by simply standing with us at the darkest hour of our history.

It is our fervent prayer that President Zuma will carry this message to President Lungu rather than opt for meaningless state banquet praise speeches, that our SADC subregion is known for.

We therefore remain hopeful that His Excellence President Jacob Zuma will emulate his Ghanaian counterpart President Nana Addo who bluntly counselled Lungu during his visit to Zambia to respect democracy, the rule of law and human rights. President Zuma will appreciate that today, Zambia is counting on South Africa, just like his Country counted on the people of Zambia in the days of apartheid and racial discrimination against the masses of that Country.

Dr Nevers Sekwila Mumba



  • Mumba ,the prophet of baar pls just go back to pulpit you will b getting offering than in UPnd walafwa kunsala mune,
    I tell u there s nothing in politics lobe tukakushika nobuchushi bobe

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  • Mumba is right

  • Please advise us what should our president have done after HH blocked his motorcade.

    • comment-avatar
      Speechless Heart 7 months

      Am not even sure whether UPND cars and drivers did not even BLOCK the motorcade. They keep to their lane and may not have heard the sirens in good time as to stop. NOTE that HH was NOT even driving!

  • Zuma is a wrong guy to count on where good governance is concerned. He is facing rejection even from some of his own party members in the ANC.

  • Nevers a garant man.

  • Dr Mumba is a big joker,who told him that in zambia there is dictatorship? i think the only wisdom dr Mumba can do is to organise for a converstion in UPND so that by lucky he can be elected as a party president,coz he wil be busy talking about dictatorship when they have no cadident for 2021.

    • Dr Mumba has justified his calling on president Zuma to advise president ECL against being a dictator and its sad that Denis you do not see that ECL is becoming a dictator. Ok if your dont accept that ECL is governing like a dictator you tell me if its normal in a democratic government to have party cadres such as mumbi phiri instructing the police to arrest political opponents and charge them with treason.

    • comment-avatar
      Remmy 7 months

      Dannis i think you are wrong dont just support for the seck of supporting be a garant person not a yappii yappi .Never is expressing his views and that is what we call freedom of expression with you is become a bad person be real my friend.

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  • Cowards Always Talk Of Opposing Our Excellence And They Dont Want To Be Open Like Me Iam Chimbali Machele.Bigie,western Province,lukulu District. People Who Does Know about our constitution twist information,they Dont Know That “TREASON” is a serious crime,imagine if u were a president and u notice that someone want to grab yo presidence wil u gav her a chance?

  • Cowards Always Talk Of Opposing Our Excellence And They Dont Want To Be Open Like Me Iam Chimbali Machele.Bigie,western Province,lukulu District.


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    John chabe 8 months

    Well spoken pastor, you are the only server now. Zuma has read your writing

  • Self ordained pastor.

    • comment-avatar
      Zebron Thole 8 months

      Ordain yourself also. Kulibbe akulesa…

    • comment-avatar
      zaza 8 months

      Tell your grandma to ordain you too.

  • I hope Zuma gets this one… We the law abiding and peaceful Zambians distance our selves from Mumba’s statement. This retired soldier of the Lord lacks a sense of direction therefore the sentiments expressed by the ex servant representent only himself and a few criminal minded Zambians who think Zambia is their back yard and want to behave anyhow. We submit that right now our focus is in the flyer overs and a number of road infrastructure our president is bringing for us in fulfilment of his campaign promises. We nolonger recognize Nevers and do not know in which capacity he is speaking.

  • HH who is he?

  • I thank u for yo nonses coments n our evil president UP TO 202.

  • My bro,ask for forgiveness nd go back to serve God!

  • whatever you will say against our beloved President, it will not work because he is God’s chosen one and he is ruling you up2 2021 and beyond….

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    Mercy 8 months

    Well spoken Dr Nevers Mumba We need people like you to talk more and more about democracy and human rights for Zambians. Keep on Dr.

  • Zuma represents the gallant pipo of sa & in him lies the wrath of apartheid and corruption from the guptas under state capture.so Zuma is a flop coz a vote of no confidence is under his way .

  • National Librol Network

  • Nevers Mumba Is A Member Of A Intenational Commite Of All Opposition IN Africa I Wish Mumber 2 Be On That Meeting 2 Preaznt The Oppoztion

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    hankombo2 8 months

    I can’t stop admiring your un matched eloquence and point of articulating issues. Dr. Mumba you have all the quLities of a leader Zambia needs. I want to tell you that Zambians don’t believe in a person who tells the truth like you but they believes in lies and exagarations. Propaganda had brain warshed
    Please keep on pushing for Zambia I have followed you closely of late you have turned out to be the appropriate mouth piece for the poor and vulnerable people. The truth is you have always told the truth

    • comment-avatar
      Avenging Angel 8 months

      Mon Ami,

      I will try and write as simply as possible so that you can digest what I say.

      You need to understand the difference between slight of hand and truth. Slight of hand is where I make you concentrate on my left hand while I move with my right. Truth is where a person comes to you with no ulterior motives and speaks without fibbing.

      As a pastor, Nevers has perfected the art of simulation. It is most important to look at his works, look at his habits, look for pride, look for greed/avarice, look for jealousy, look for envy, look for hate, look for sloth and other signs. These are indicators of a persons real character.

      A person that speaks FOR the vulnerable but not WITH the vulnerable is dangerous. They show sympathy and not empathy. Beware of such. Read your Good Book (Bible) and see what it says about such people.

      When a person SPEAKS MORE than he ACTS, beware. “In the multitude of words sin is not lacking” – Prov 10:9

      • comment-avatar
        Greaver 7 months

        He did not claim he is righteous. He just stated the historical facts about SA and Zambia. He then pleaded with Zuma the need to continue the spirit of being one’s brother’s keeper. I don’t see anything wrong with what Nevers is saying unless you have something you are hiding.

  • wel Dr mumba you have sober mind

  • Ba dockotor Mumba, ati President Nana Addo bluntly counselled Lungu to respect democracy, rule of law & human rights.Kwana kuti waseka .So imwe tamyebeleko ukuti respect yrselves as well? Uku kulwala sana mumutwe pa pastor

  • something is wrong with self odened pastor dr prophet mumba ati stollen victory kalusa ni kalusa

  • Mumba Failed Pastor

    • Idiots have no regard for fairness and decency. Mumba is s great leader, he is not like some vision less self imposed criminal minded dictator.

    • we all fall but rise if hav vision so to be fair wat he is sayin now has lots of sense

    • Mumba great leader kwisa naimwe he can’t even run a party. Mumba is a typical example of an opportunist failure. That’s why he supports bitterness

    • ok mumba a failed paster,i respect yo thots,so u, you ar a failed devil,bcoz u look alike,respect to the chief thief at state lodge,i salute u wisky

    • even a an under five todra can tell you that mumba is a failure

    • yur comment is foolish jst lyk de way yur profile appears half dead.only a wako ni wako is supporting u

    • Mumba Totally Failled To Unite Mmd

    • Don’t b bitter young man,politics is a game u should understand side Mr mumba..But his a wise leader.

  • comment-avatar
    Avenging Angel 8 months


    What in heavens name has Nevers been drinking? He should quit the hallucinogens once and for all.

    He’s writing to Jacob Zuma about good governance, morality and giving a shit about the people of Zambia.

    That’s like writing to a hyena about the benefits of a vegan diet. Maybe NM should find some really hot pepper and stuff some in his mouth to get him thinking well.

    I’ve always said, don’t trust or work with a person that does not drink alcohol in public as they do in private. Dumb mother fuckers like NM always think at the wrong end of their alimentary canal.

    Shiiiiiiit, how does NM think? Someone help the poor befuddled jackass, NM out.

  • Kananga, stop twisting issues here, which constitution are you referring to. Lungu has been abrogating the constitution the last two years of his stollen victory. Its fools like you that are encouraging this evil dictator to be victimizing Zambians. Do you need any further explanation than kanganja’s to know that the arrest of HH was not only criminal but represents the kind of a leader our country has. How does Mumbai Phiri instruct the IG to arrest and charge HH with treason? And Lungu okays that. Lungu is not only a dictator but evil as well.

    • Which Zambian people need south Africa to stand by them? Problem with Zambian politics, there is no constructive criticism. Is obstructing a presidential motorcade normal criticism? Is insulting the president expressing divergent views? UPND’s is obsessed with state house no wonder they are not going there anytime in this century. The president wants to start expanding roads. His obsession is development and that gives the opposition diarrhoea. Lungu is president until after 2026. It’s only law breakers who think he is a dictator. Long live lungu!

      • comment-avatar
        Greaver 7 months

        Obsessed with UPND. Have a life young man.

    • die soon head man

    • kalole.u ar mentally Ill no doubt

    • I have trouble understanding your meaning of ‘mentally ill’ but I won’t stress to comprehend you line of thought though you portray signs of bitterness and chemical imbalance which could lead to depression.

    • “I won’t stress to comprehend you line of thought”…lol

    • Kabende Kalole you sound shallow in thinking! How did HH obstruct the motorcade for the president when it was the presidential motorcade that came from behind on a road where the president was not scheduled to be in the first place. How do u justify the arrest of HH when Kanganja has revealed that it was Mumbi phiri who instructed him? plz your hate for HH should not impair your thinking ie if you can think at all.

    • One’s thinking always seem shallow when you can not see beyond your nose. I therefore totally agree with your ‘shallow thinking opinion’. If only you could take a minute to talk to yourself, you would be embarrassed to the point of taking your life. If you say the presidential motorcade come from behind, that’s what is called obstruction. You obstruct what is behind you. Any can’t explain much to you because you have shown a lack of willingness to reason as a result everything seems shallow to you.

  • Nice words DR

  • Kaya, Katwishi, Aluzibi, Chita.


  • Well spoken Dr Mumba..

  • He Must Also Teach Xanophobik Attack And Corruption,police Shooting Minaz E T C.

  • God is watching

  • Well laid down President Mumba, thank you sir!

  • u ar a lost sheep, go bak 2 de pulpit.

  • Sober prayer!!!