ZWD Exposure shakes Supreme Court.

The exposure by the Zambian Watchdog that the Supreme Court will deliver ruling in the Dora Siliya and others tomorrow has has sent shivers to embattled Acting Chief Justice Lombe Chibesakunda and has since directed that the matter be settled on February 20 a date earlier agreed .This is due to the fact that Lombe Phyliss Chibesakunda discovered that Zambian Watchdog had also discovered that Chibesakunda had briefed the Patriotic Front. The Dora Siliya and others judgement was ready last week but Chibesakunda only un-officialy briefed the PF. But forgetting that the Zambian Watchdog is everywhere, Ellis and Company Senior Partner who is also President Sata’s lawyer for Sata’s Trust Fund Bonaventure Mutale revealed the secret. Bonny Tembo former Anti Voter Apathy Project director now PF cadre also has been going round collecting contributions from the business community in preparation for the by-elections.
Reports reaching the Zambian Watchdog are that the PF has already started campaigning in Kasenengwa where the party is distributing hundreds of bicycles. Former Kasenengwa MP Victoria Kalima’s seat was nullified for alleged distribution of five bicycles and 500 Chitenge materials. The PF is reported to be distributing 5 bicycles to each Headman.

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