ZWD facebook reaches 300, 000 likes

Screen Shot 2015-04-09 at 08.39.15The Facebook version of Zambian Watchdog has just gone above 300, 000 likes. Note that this main website is blocked inside Zambia. The Zambian government in conjunction with China’s Huawei Technologies completely blocked the most popular website in Zambia again three weeks ago.

But all the articles published here are also published on the Facebook page

Some article are only published on the facebook page so it maybe good idea to sign up on Facebook to follow news and exercise your freedom of speech like everyone else. The Zambian Watchdog remains the only independent online publication after Rupiah Banda annexed Zambia Reports to PF. Another Facebook page that was coming up nicely Mwebantu was sold to State House and is now populated with PF news since State House staff have passwords.

See the attached photo on what is happening on the Zambian Watchdog page. Each posted article is ready by an average of 50, 000 people.

All government officials starting with Edgar Lungu subscribe to the Zambian Watchdog and we know their pseudonyms.

President Lungu’s wife liked the Watchdog as follower number 293 712 during the presidential campaigns in December 2014. Apparently, she had no Facebook account until this day. It was opened for her to specifically follow the Watchdog.

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