ZWD guerila journalism continues

ZWD guerila journalism continues


– We shall never engage in hypocritical journalism of appeasement

– We take a position

When we launched the Zambian Watchdog online in 2008, we first scanned the operating environment and peeped into the future of Zambian politics.

We foresaw the current political rubbish which was beginning to germinate then. We therefore prescribed the suitable response. We did not create the Watchdog out of desperation or frustration emanating from lost jobs. We crafted it to suit what we foresaw. Hence the name ‘Zambian Watchdog. We practice guerrilla journalism. We shall remain online and we shall remain an underground movement.

We may change tactics but we shall not change what we do: guerrilla journalism. We shall not be intimidated or forced to comply with standards set by others. We shall not adopt the so called ethics designed for foreign environments with different realities and political environments. By the way, we understand the so called journalism ethics as imposed on poor countries by those who designed them.

We shall not pretend to publish 100 per cent accurate news/information all the time. That would be claiming the position of angels. Only those in heaven are infallible. All media organisations sometimes get it wrong; publish news which is not accurate. We have seen, listened to such inaccuracies on BBC, Washington Post, SABC, China TV etc… So when some one claims that they only publish accurate news, just ignore them.

We shall never shy away from publishing information which might not have been fully verified but which, in our judgement appear credible. That is the difference between journalism and recording history.

With a decade of experience in online journalism, we are now experts. We can boldly advise and state that, if your prime motivation is to make money, then online journalism is the wrong platform. Please go back to print and make money from adverts. Online journalism is for free flow of information. That is why it is referred to as ‘social media.’ You can’t control it.

At ZWD, when we see a good story from other platforms, we shall post it here so that our readers can see it. What you think of that is none of our business.

On the other hand, we are fiercely independent. We can not be swayed even by our readers. Those who insinuate that we are biased are just exercising their right to freedom of speech. Our target is, has been and will always be government. Those who aspire to be neutral can do so. Maybe they have learnt a lesson from previous, closed projects.

For us we shall continue what we have always done. Even when the Post was at its peak but supporting the PF, we competed with them favourably. So we are convinced online journalism is the best especially that we are not after money or endorsement from the same people we are supposed to monitor.

Being liked has never been our motive; Publishing news is our motivation. We don’t need jobs from our readers as that will compromise our independence.

If you don’t like what we do, go hug a fire tender. After all we know that anyone with access to internet in Zambia checks ZWD whenever they have bundles.

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