‘ZWD most inflential’

I am now convinced beyond any doubt that you are the most versatile and influential media in Zambia.
I says so because of the way you have defeated the people who wanted to hijack the MMD and auction it to PF.
When I saw the daily massive headlines in the Post, Daily Mail, Times of Zambia and repeated leading news on ZNBC and Muvi TV calling for the removal of Dr Nevers Mumba, I said to myself, this is the end; Dr Mumba will be removed within the next two weeks.
But to my surprise, it took you only three days of exposing Dr Chituwo, Kaingu, Mulusa and Siliya and the calls for the removal of Dr Mumba have ended.
With all the money allegedly pumped in by the PF and the all the big national media on one side, but you alone still managed to turn the tide???? I am really impressed. But then it just shows that people are not fools after all. It is not the size or age of the media that matters to influence people but what the media carries.
Dr Mumba should thank you if he is a genuine person because without you, Mulusa or Chitutwo would be MMD president today.
But don’t become too big headed as well. Don’t end up like the Post by taking people for granted.
Be on the side of the weak all the time. Never associate yourselves with those in power, even after PF exists maintain this pace.
I love you
K. Chiko

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