ZWD poll shows most people want RB to remain in retirement

ZWD poll shows most people want RB to remain in retirement

An opinion poll conducted by the Zambian Watchdog on its Facebook version shows that the majority of respondents want former president Rupiah Banda to remain in retirement. The Poll was posted on the ZWD Face book page on Wednesday October 10 and required respondents to simply state if they wanted Mr Banda to return to active politics or not.

As at 08:00 hours on Thursday morning, there were 1, 210 responses 88 comments to the poll which is accessible here 

rb818 people who responded said they did not want the former president to resume politics. Only 240 said they wanted him to return to policts.

There 245 spoilt entries (Were only debating and joking but could not state their exact position)


Some of the reasons advanced by the pro-Banda are:

–          He is better off compared to the current President Michael Sata

–          He kept fuel and food prices low

–          Zambians should not repeat experimenting with untested leadership

–          He must direct and finish the projects he initiated

–          Maturity in dealing with issues



Some of the reasons for those against his return are:

–          He is too old and should continue resting

–          Zambia is not short of leaders

–          He messed up the economy by indiscriminately selling companies

–          Old leaders are expensive to maintain, as sickness may as well catch him while in office

–          He wont manage the campaign trail

–          He should be writing memoirs

–          He will be unsuitable in the region, which boasts of young leaders e.g Gen Ian khama of Botswana, Joseph Kabila of Congo, Kenyatta of Kenya, Joseph Mutharika on Malawi, etc.

–          Recycled leaders are detrimental

–          His return will ensure that he steals more money for his family


The poll is accessible here:


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