ZWD responds to Edify Hamukale

ZWD responds to Edify Hamukale

Everyday, we receive numerous emails some of which are very good and to the point; some is just trash and we move them the trash.

But sometimes we can’t resist responding to some of the trash.  Below is one sent to us by one Edify Hamukale. Our responses are at the tail end.

Dear Editor (Zambian Watchdog),

Sometime in November last year (2012), you carried a story that alleged that I was part of the money graft that took place at the Zambia Association of Musicians after I attended a CRC sitting in the company of Davies Ngoma(NASTY D), Callen Chisha (TWICE) and Brian Chilala.

Kindly find a letter attached hereto from ZAM that clears me of my involvement as was  reported by yourselves in 2012.

Could you please broadcast the same in similar manner to your audience. The letter has been circulated by our secretariat to all major media institutions for airing and for their correction of records.

My father bore twenty one children and none of my siblings, including myself has ever had their integrity and honest ratings questioned either in their business dealings or at their work place.

I forgave the UPND for burning my vehicle when I left the party during general elections  campaigns in 2011. I equally forgive you for scandalizing my name and for wrongful reporting.

We have not even clocked one year from the time when the Zambian Watchdog circulated the allegations against me.

I am proud member of the PATRIOTIC FRONT am extremely happy to exercise my divergent views as long they redeem the people of Southern province from politically driven poverty, underdevelopment and  underrepresentation.



The letter you sent us does not state what you have been cleared from or what you were accused of. That letter could be about some other scandal you were accused of but maybe as usual complained without ceasing unitl someone was irritated enough to write that. But If that is the level of incompetence prevailing at ZAM, then we fear for the music industry.  By the way that was a criminal offence so it is the police or the courts of law that can clear you not a fellow miserable musician.

About your father bearing 21 children; this has nothing to do with us or what we could have published. But since you have brought it up, we shall make our observations. It seems to us your father was a sex maniac. We hope all these children were his and not sired by the neighbours. And how many women were involved by the way? We hope you don’t take after your father.

Your relationship with UPND or what they did to you has nothing to do with us just like your father’s irresponsible sexual exploits.

CRC Zambia Association of Musicians theft clearance letterYour PF membership: we are happy to see that you chose this one well.  Thugs like you can only belong to PF.

We doubt very much if what you call your ‘divergent views’ can redeem anyone and why the people of Southern Province?

But you could be right that poverty in Zambia is politically driven. This is especially true when thugs assume political power.

We do not need your forgiveness and we are not your comrades.

Those who do not know Hamukale, he is a pompous character who sings music mostly in Tonga. He calls himself Dr Hamukale. His music is sometimes played on Radio Mazabuka and this has given him ideas that he can run for MP in Mazbuka.

Our honest assessment is that Hamukale cannot win the seat he is talking about. Infact he cannot win even if he stood as local government (counsellor) in Mazabuka.

Keep this and read it after elections in Mazabuka in 2016 or whenever they will be held.

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